Monday, November 30, 2009

When will it stop?

My mom called me tonight with some terrifying news. Some of you may have heard about the atrocities at the Toronto humane society in the news, unfortunately being a student I can`t afford cable or newspaper so I only heard about this tonight.

I`ve read the articles and seen the pictures so before clicking on the link please understand that it is very disturbing.Here is the link.

At this moment my cats are sleeping beside me, cuddled right up next to each other (which btw is rather odd for them) and sleeping safely and soundly. I am so grateful that I was able to adopt and take care if them, and yet at the same time I am heart broken for all of the animals who have had to endure this kind of cruelty. The maddening part is that this cruelty came from a society that was supposed to be protecting them. I donate to the Ottawa Humane Society and I have no idea if the two are connected but I can say that I will find out soon. For those of you who read a recent post you`ll know that my mother was looking to adapt a cat, living in Toronto she was most likely going to go to the THS, now she wants to adopt as soon as possible so that she can at least take one cat out of that kind of hell.

How can it be so easy for people to see this kind of treatment and turn a blind eye? Was there not one volunteer to speak up for these animals? Not one person who's stomach turned at the sight of animals in pain?

When will people begin to see animals as living things. We are animals, we are mammals we are mothers and fathers and we have instincts. While we have the capacity for higher brain power that does not mean the life of an animal is worthless. I know of so many instances where a pet has been a huge impact on many peoples lives, just as much as another human being.

I sit here wanting to wish this away. But all I can do hug and hold my two wonderful cats that have brought so much joy to my life in such a short period of time and hope beyond hope that there are people in the Toronto area who are willing to take those poor animals into forever homes.

I'd like to also say that I understand the large demand on a place with so many animals like the Toronto humane society. I know for a fact that they have something like 400 cats up for adoption. I know that there are also awful pet owners who will drop their pets there in the middle of the night in the depths of winter to freeze until an employee finds them in the morning, but the entire point of a place like the THS is that once an animal has dealt with such cruelty that they are brought into an environment that is safe and loving. There should not be an entire centre in downtown but rather an outpost for a much larger facility on a much larger property ( I know for a fact that only 40min outside of the city there are such properties).

That's all I can really write, it was mostly venting so I apologize if this is disjointed but I felt it needed to be said and now the sadness of it all has really taken over and I think I'll just go to bed and keep my cats close tonight.

Please gives all you pets and extra big hug and kiss today.


  1. Oh goodness...thats just...ugh..there are no words for it really. But about your mom wanting to adopt one of the cats there are two sides. We all feel the need to want to save even just one animal from an awful place like that, but on the other hand if you adopt from them you are also supporting that establishment. Somewhat similiar to adopting puppiesfrom the pet shops that come from puppy mills. I can't make the decision for either of you though. I hope whatever decision you make is the right one for you

  2. We agree with you, it's a terrible and corrupt thing that has happened at the THS/ From various reports and blogs we've learned that many volunteers who sought to speak out and advocate for the animals were immediately sacked from their volunteer positions and barred from the premises. Those who tried to tackle the manager, again were sacked. It looks to me as if their were a couple of psychopathic serial bullies in charge of that place and their rule of tyranny was sufficient to oppress everyone who worked there. It can happen, people keep going in to help the animals because they know that to speak out would mean they'd be stopped from going in to work with the animals. I hope they throw the book and more at the two men who are responsible for this level of deliberate neglect. The poor feral cat who died of starvation in the trap set in the ceiling sums it up for me. Death and desperation, rife in an organisation that has forgotten the very reason why it exists!

  3. I agree that ususally you would be supporting the place but in fact the THS doesn't charge for adoptions, it only asks for a donation if you wish to give one. So you can save the animal without any money going towards the THS. On the other hand, I'm sure after these arrests there will be some serious charges laid and protocol will start to change. I'm sure my mother would support some large changes on their part once they were put in place.

    The only other thing that I'm thinking of now is the huge possibility that the cat will have contracted something there. I'm not sure if she can handle losing another pet so soon.

  4. The Ottawa Humane Society posted this statement on its website today:

    Like most Canadians, all of us at the Ottawa Humane Society (OHS) were horrified by news stories about the conditions at the Toronto Humane Society. We wish to assure our community that the Ottawa Humane Society is not affiliated with the Toronto Humane Society in any way.

    The OHS is an independent not-for-profit and a registered charity, serving Ottawa’s animals. The OHS is governed by our own Bylaws and a local board of directors. General information about our operating policies can be found on our website at Our Bylaws, Financial Statements and Position Statements regarding animal care and welfare can also be found on our website at

    We are all grateful that our provincial partner, the Ontario SPCA has intervened in this situation. The OHS has advised the OSPCA that we will help however we can.

    Like everyone, we hope that, for the sake of Toronto’s animals the Toronto Humane Society will soon assume its responsibilities in a humane and professional manner.

    Bruce Roney
    Executive Director
    Otttawa Humane Society

  5. Ok, I couldn't even finish the article because it was so upsetting. How can any place like that be called a "humane society" or "shelter". Just awful. Your rant is totally understood by those of us out here who love animals and want to help them out. It is so awful that places like this exist and I really just do not comprehend how people can be this way.

  6. SICK! We're glad that someone finally intervened and that now that them men are known for what they are (abusive bullies) let's hope they never get near another pet let alone a shelter again!

  7. I'm so glad to see that the OHS has put out a statement and I am very very glad to hear that they are in no way affiliated with the THS.

    Joplin was adopted from the OHS and I can remember all of the cages, work areas etc... being immaculately clean. I'm proud that my city has such a wonderful shelter.


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