Saturday, November 28, 2009

Some questions for you!

So I'm back to blogging! I'm so sorry it's been so long but things get busy and deadlines pop out of no where. I'm very sorry for not visiting any blogs at all, I'll be catching up today and tomorrow.

But for now I have a few questions:

1. Adopting a Cat or a Kitten ?
As many of you read recently in my blog my mom's bunny past away from complications with anesthesia during a surgery. Now that she has had some time to think she starting to talk about adopting a cat. We've been talking and wondering what would be best, an older cat or a kitten. I personally think and older cat would be better not only because they're would not be too too much training but there are so many older cats that need homes. She agreed but also wondered would a cat not become attached like a kitten would? I explained that with Joplin when we adopted her we were like her saviors, taking her out of the cage and bringing her home. With Hendrix he has never known anything but a good home so he is not quite as clingy as Joplin is (however he is still only 6months old). Also my mom would like a cat that has been de-clawed, she and my father have ALL leather furniture, however she does not want to adopt and then de-claw because of her bad experience with Shiny bunny. So I'm asking all of you what you think? Here is all the info in point form:
  • cat or kitten?
  • which one would be more attached?
  • adopt a de-clawed cat or de-claw after?
Now I know that this all can depend from cat to cat but I'm looking for a general idea

2. Hendrix is gorging!
So Hendrix is gorging himself and then throwing up. This happens every once in a while and I'm a little worried. He has his morning wet food (1/4 of a can) and then begins to chomp away at the dry food. I don't want to take away the dry food because Joplin is used to being able to graze and I cannot figure out a place where Joplin can get to but not Hendrix, again please help!!

Thanks to all of you, I've missed blogging!


  1. Welcome back! As far a your mom adopting a cat, we think adopting an older one would be purrfect! An older cat will bond with its owner. And we're sure there are older cats that have been declawed that need homes. Go to your local shelter or check out

    We would not recommend declawing the cat afterwards. We understand that you don't want the cat to claw the furniture, but there are ways to stop this behavior other than declawing.

    Good luck! We hope your mom finds the purrfect cat for her!

  2. I think cat or kitten would depend on your moms household. Kittens can be very playful and rambunctious which may not fit the overall lifestyle of a home while an older cat will be a bit more laid back. As for declawing I would never declaw a cat. It's not the safest procedure ever and can actually harm your cat. You can read more about it at if your mom happens to find a cat she just loves that also happens to be declawed that fine. But if it's her furniture shes worried about then she just needs to create a good enviornment for the cat with lots of cat friendly things for the cat to be able to claw at like cat scratching posts. Just keep plenty around so the cat doesnt lose interest and go to scratch at the furniture.

  3. We agree with Island cats - an older cat would be so great - they are so lvoing and need a special home. We would never declaw a cat - There are way to help them find other ways to scratch and not furniture.

  4. I think an older cat. We just got Fiona, she a year and a half old and behaves like a kitten, running, jumping, playing and nipping. We are in the process of trying to train her to stop nipping or giving love bites. I thinka n older cat would have out grown this behavior. There a lot of older cats in need of loving homes. Get a cat that is already de clawed, dangerous to have them declawed when they are older and younger too. But it all depends on your household and what your needs are.

  5. hi guys thanks so much for the advice! I`ve been thinking about the same thing as all of you. My mom absolutely does not want to de-claw and I don`t believe in de-clawing either, so I`m glad to hear that its the general consensus!

    My mom seems to be into getting an older cat for obvious reasons, but its kinda hard to search so THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH ISLAND CATS for that, it was an amazing website and will be such a great help :D

  6. We are so late to post. When I get a new cat it is usually a kitten because it is easier to add them to our group (but some groups do better adding older cats - ours just doesn't work out that way - plus we end up coming into the babies anyway) but since this is going to be a single kitty we also vote older. Not only are older cats less likely to be adopted, so that is good to help them out, but they are usually better trained when it comes to litter issues and they do require less specialized attention (like with kittens depending on the age they need special feeding, etc if that makes sense).

    With the barfing you may want to confirm it is eating too much and not eating too fast. Floyd used to eat too fast and barf and it wasn't as big a concern as it would have been if he was overeating - I would swear I read that some breeds are more prone to overeating - I can't remember which though. But it is something I would mention at the next vet visit.


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