Monday, November 2, 2009

We will miss you Shiny bunny

Two years ago my sister and brother bought my mom a bunny for Christmas, at the time it was only my sister who was still living at home but she had a full time job and was rarely there. The bunny was to help my mom cope with missing her own "bunnies" who had moved away.

She loved the bunny so much and socialized him, litter trained him and taught him not to spay. She named him Shiny and he learned to come when called and would often hop around the house when she came home and let him out. Then he would settle in her lap to be pet and fall asleep.

A couple of days ago he went in for a routine procedure and unfortunately didn't recover. A one in a million chance.

I called to see how my mom was doing and she burst into tears. I have seen and heard my mom cry from happiness but never sadness and this shook me to the core. I began to cry as well, I was so upset that I wasn't able to do anything to make things better as she always had when I was a girl. So I did what I could and hopped on a train to come visit her. Thank goodness my sister was here when Shiny passed away, she was here for the most difficult part. Now I'm trying to keep her mind off of it.

Its amazing what an effect the loss of a pet can have on us. Amy from House of Cats lost her oldest cat Floyd recently as well, she had had him since 1996. I can't even imagine how painful this time must be for her. But as I told my mom, things happen for a reason and now they are in a better place.

To my mom and to Amy, things will get better and your pets were lucky to have you as mothers, whether it was for a short or long time.


  1. Aww, I hope your mom starts to feel better soon. It's always hard losing a pet but like I said on House of Cats blog you just gotta remember the good times and also know that you at least made that animal beyond happy for any amount of time.

  2. It is good that you are there for your mum in this time =]
    Yeah it is so hard when we lose a pet we love, especially the more years we spent with it, it only gets tougher and more heartbreaking. =[

  3. Laura it is so sad about Shiny. With Floyd I at least knew he was sick - it sounds like this was just so sudden for your Mom. Tell her we are thinking of her and hope things get better for her. We know it is hard and are right there with her but we also know it will get easier with time. If she can find things to keep busy with it does help - I know being back at work is a good break for me.

  4. Thanks for all of the kind words everyone, I passed along the msg to my mom and she's very thankful. She's doing alot better today :)

  5. It's very hard to lose a furry. Sounds like Shiny had a happy home with someone who loved him.


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