Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kitty Christmas Gifts?

So I've been wondering what I should get Joplin and Hendrix for Christmas, and I haven't been able to come up with anything other than a bed for Joplin (Hendrix like sleeping in Steph's guitar bag for some reason).

I'd like to get something that would be good for while were out of the house, I feel bad when we're both gone for the day and they don't have anyone to entertain them!


  1. You could get them a kitty condo...something that they could climb on and play on and sleep on. Or try some toys...we hear the Flingamastring toy is really popular...cats love it!! We got Undercover Mouse and we like playing with that alot! These are battery operated toys, so we're not sure those are the kind of thing you'd want to leave on all day while you were gone.

    We sleep most the day when our humans are gone...

  2. Cats are like kids, at least five year old kids. Give them a card board box, a few sheets of tissue paper and a little nip and they'll be happy for hours... I'd leave the nip out if you're making an entertaining gift for a bean kid.

  3. My cats love their Star Chaser with the ball that lights up as it spins round the track.
    They are getting the new Bergan Turbo Track for Christmas. You can get an extra LED Star Chaser ball and it will fit the turbo track.
    That plus a couple of cardboard boxes and a lizard and mouse toy, my six cats are happy.
    Hope this helps,
    ML (Mary Lynn)

  4. I have a kitty condo that is 6 feet tall, with cubbies for them to hide and sleep in they love it. They can play on it and if you put a comfy bed in the cubbies it also becomes a warm cozy sleeping area. Of course my kitties still love my bed with the electric blanket.

  5. I vote for the kitty condo and maybe a throw!

  6. The fling-a-ma-string is good and so is the Bolt. Also there are a lot of great kitty bloggers who have etsy stores with wonderful cat toys (The Casbah Kitten's jellybeans are a huge hit at our house).


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