Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hendrix has acne!

Poor little Hendrix apparently is getting into those "high school" days because I've figured out he has feline acne. I noticed the other day that he had an odd patch of dirt under his chin and thought it was from throwing up his food but when I tried to wash it off it really wasn't too easy. I started to get panicky wonder if this was what fleas looked like?? So I scanned both his and Joplin's entire bodies (not very fun at all with squirmy ones) and I didn't see anything anywhere else. So what else could I do but google it? After alot of research of pictures and descriptions I'm sure of what it is and I'm wanting to be proactive about this, so I've:
  • thrown out the plastic food bowl that we have, now using only stainless steel
  • going to buy Benzyl Peroxy Shampoo in about 10min
  • going to wash his chin 2x daily
  • going to also get a filtered water bowl (I know this is a little extreme but Steph and I are in exam period so time is of the essence)
If anyone has any experience with this is would LOVE some advice!


  1. I havent had experience with feline acne...I didn't even know they got it lol. Looks like I have some reading to do! I hope it clears up though, I myself hate pimples of any sort they make my skin feel icky, I can't imagine what poor Hendrix feels.

  2. We have no experience of feline acne, but we hope it clears up soon!

  3. Oh poor Hendrix! You've certainly have done the right things...get rid of plastic bowls, wash with a mild soap...his acne should clear up quickly!

  4. I had feline acne, but of all places - it was on my tummy. We hope Hendrix get better soon.

  5. Ok, we have actually had experience with this - 3 of the cats had it. The first two we didn't know what it was and just thought they were picking at a scab from a fight (this is right after we got Virgil with his tiny kitten claws) but when Floyd got it he was going to the vet a lot so they knew right away what it was. His got very bad and gross. And I should mention - we didn't have plastic bowls, we had stainless - but we don't think they were the issue because we switched to glass before Floyd got it. What you should do is see if there is any other plastic they like to rub - in our house we had an arched comb thing they LOVED but it was plastic - we still have it but they can't use it (I keep planning to cover the plastic part just haven't done it) and also their plastic toy box and other plastic bins were probably a big part. The vet did recommend trying stridex - the most mild kind - and it really did help a lot with Floyd's acne.

  6. Don't worry it will go away and besides you gots furs to hide it. I get acne sometimes in the summer because I don't have fur and glands get oily and I break out. Like a heat rash . Ick! Good luck with your acne.


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