Monday, December 14, 2009

Back at it post #2- Christmas Time!

It's Christmas time! My favorite time of the year, and not its not for the presents (however I do love getting people presents) but rather for the good cheer that everyone seems to have and all the time I get to spend with my family, put up a tree and decorate the house in the tackiest of fashions!

The decorations came first and they were nice but I had to take a break in all my studying so that Steph and I could go get a tree!

I'm not sure it I ever said this before but Steph and I have no car so we carried that tree all the way home from the grocery store...and by us I mean mostly him hehe since I'm and foot and a half shorter than he is it was very awkward for us both to carry, so I simple watched over.

So we got it back to the house and he put it in our "got it off the street in august" tree holder, then had to go off to band practice. Tree decorating is my thing so I started with the lights and as I got to the top the tree started to tilt. I was very confused and came down off the chair just in time to catch it before it smashed into the wall. At this point what I should have done is left it leaning on the wall until Steph came home and could help me fix it, but being the stubborn person I am and not having all that much time to decorate I decided that I could fix it on my own.

Now I'm not sure if any of you have tried this but trying to center and balance a tree at the base of it is quite a task! After about 30 minutes of this I was EXHAUSTED and when that tree started to tip yet again and all I had to hold onto was the base, well it was coming down whether I liked it or not! And it did come down, right on top of this did not hurt at all! It just pinned me in between the sofa, the floor and the sofa chair. My arms were so tired from trying to hold the tree up that I couldn't even lift the tree off me for 45min...yes for 45min I was stuck under the tree, softly crying, with my cats purring beside me, and the Christmas music playing in the background lol.

Anyway after a while a shimmied out from underneath it and went to bed, covered from head to toe in pine needles, until Steph came home.

Once he did all was well and now the tree looks amazing! I have to say its the most perfect tree I've ever had! The cats have been very good with it, Joplin seems like she's a tree pro and just sleeps under it all the time, Hendrix wanted to climb it at first but now he just watched the lights.

So that's the story of my Christmas tree '09

P.S: We have the TACKIEST LED Christmas light ever! It changes from blue to green to pink!


  1. not having a car...carrying everything, that must keep you in shape alone. I could not do that lol! But I understand being stubborn! There was this awful huge couch in our living room left over from who lived here last and I wanted it out of the living room but we cant put bulk items in the trash. So I wanted to bring it upstairs to the extra bedroom out of sight. He would not help said just leave it alone. So I waited for him to be at work and I put it upside down and crawled under it and took a half hour to get it up the stairs alone. It was EXHAUSTING! But I had to get it out! The couch on its side is taller than me! hahaha I'm only like 5'3"

  2. That is a great tree - I have never had to balance a tree in a stand before (we always have had fake) and your story makes me glad I never have had to :). The tree looks very pretty and I think the lights sound great (I love color-changing lights). I am glad the cats are being so well behaved - do you think they could teach Barney to be good like that!

  3. The tree looks lovely. You did a fine job.

  4. Very amusing story! Thanks for the laughs!

    The lady has heard stories about cats getting ornaments and climbing trees, so she is surprised that your two cats are doing well with the tree. I wonder how many days have passed that you have had the tree, without incident from Joplin and Hendrix.

    By the way, thanks for visiting my new blog the other day!


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