Saturday, January 9, 2010

Toby the Squirrel!

I'm usually able to leave my garbage out on the balcony in the winter but the other day I noticed that the bags had been chewed! I decided to have a mini steak-out and did all my blogging on Friday morning in front of the balcony door. Around noon a little squirrel came hopping along and was shivering in the snow sniffing around for food. Well this broke my heart and I immediately went out to buy a big bag of peanuts. Now he comes every morning while I have my coffee and we have breakfast together.

I caught him on camera yesterday morning. Sorry about the quality, I'm shooting through the screen.

I was thinking maybe to leave a little box and blankets out on the balcony for him because I think he's just dug a trench for himself in the snow on the balcony. I don't know if he'll last the winter living in the snow.

I've decided to same him Toby. Just seems like a Toby hahaha.

Here's a video as well, I got a little carried away so its just a tad long :D


  1. Toby is a cutie. It's very kind of you to buy him some peanuts and put out a box with blankets for him.

  2. Aww sweet. It's very kind of you to feed him during this weather. Most people only think about the birds.

  3. Aww breakfast together! How sweet! Now is it just me or am I the only one in the blogosphere that hasnt seen a black squirrel!! I always see grey ones....and they are much smaller....whats up with that

  4. I'm pretty sure that black squirrels are native to Canada, particularly Ontario and Quebec. So you're probably not the only one! We don't have gray squirrels here, just brown and black. I think I've only seen a gray one twice!

  5. How nice of you to take care of the squirrels!


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