Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas, New Years and Catching up!

Hello all my friends!!! I've missed blogging SO much, but December was crazy with Christmas shopping and papers and then visiting my parents in their new home and a whole bunch of visitors and then New Years. Now things are starting to calm down but I'll start at the beginning...

Late December once all my exams and my last paper was handed in it wasn't only me who was exhausted but the kitties too! Many naps were had by all for quite a few days until all our sleep was caught up.

Then I decided to do some kitty photo shoots to test out the new camera, here are a few of the best:

Since Steph and I both still spend Christmas with our families we decided to have an early "faux" Christmas together on the 21st. We were woken up bright and early by the cats who were excited to eat out of their new bowls that we got for them. Then they opened their stockings which were FILLED with treats and jingly balls which filled up the hallway.

Then they got to open their present which is a cube with windows on all sides and hanging mice on the inside, the cats went crazy for it! Hendrix most of all, he spent all day attacking the box.

On the 23rd I went to my parent's new place just outside of downtown Toronto in the Greek area. What a fantastic place! It's been a blast discovering the new area with my Mom and Dad, and it's so close to downtown all we had to do is hop on the subway. The only unfortunate thing is that Joplin and Hendrix had to stay at home but they had their favorite kitty-sitter, MC, taking care of them!

My sister and her boyfriend arrived along with their adorable dog Lucy, she's not even a year old but she's HUGE and just such a loving, caring dog. She decided that she was going to sit and guard the turkey as it was cooking.

Christmas morning was a lot of fun, especially because for the first time my Papa spent it with us. Lots of unwrapping and cleaning later we started up the turkey dinner which was delicious and then there was the inevitable "turkey coma." The next few days were filled with shopping and watching lots of hockey.

On the 30th Steph and I made our annual trek down to Queen St. W. to shop around and to have Korean BBQ...for those of you who have never had this it is AMAZING! The idea is that they give you thinly sliced seasoned raw beef, chicken, pork, and sometimes fish and other meat like ox tongue and squid (I pass on these two) and you have a small grill in front of you to cook the meat yourself. I know this sounds kind of silly since usually you go to a restaurant so you don't have to cook but it's really a blast, and cheap! Not to mention the spiced veggies and legumes are delicious!
Finally we come to New Years which was an absolute blast! The whole family and all the boyfriend's and girlfriends were there. The bar was busy but not crowded and they had great food. To be honest that's all I can remember hahaha. I had a bad headache the next morning but it was all worth it!

On New Years day we had an early celebration of my brother's 20th (yikes!) birthday at the Keg, which was delicious.

Then on the 2nd we drove to Montreal to spend a day with my grandparents which was nice but I was anxious to get home. It was so nice to walk through the door yesterday and just relax with the kitties. So today I have my last day of relaxation before the term starts, and I plan on spending it drinking coffee and reading blogs :D

I've missed you all!!


  1. Hi! Glad your back and that you had a great holiday!! BBQ sounds soo yummy.....MOM GET ME SOME CHICK-HEN

  2. Wow it sounds like you had a lot of fun and a lot of stuff to do! We don't have as much to do but with work it seemed like we were just as busy (which is why we are just catching up now). I bet the kitties were very glad you were finally home!

  3. You sure had some fun holidays!! Welcome back!

  4. What a busy holiday! Sounds like you had lots of fun! The black and white pics are very artsy. You could turn them into note cards! And also put them in frames. I especially like the first black and white pic that you posted. Love the pic of all the toys in the hallway. Haha!

  5. That's a great idea to frame them Prints! I just was thinking today that my photo hallway is pretty bare and I didn't know what to put up, problem solved! thanks again :D


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