Monday, January 11, 2010

There are two Tobys!

I was sitting having my breakfast this morning and put the peanuts out for Toby, as usual, and all of a sudden his twin comes to join him in the feast! I wasn't able to get a picture because just when I was going to grab the camera a GIANT raven came and perched on the balcony railing. Now I know that you're think it must have been a crow, but I can guarantee you is was a raven!

I have decided to name the second squirrel Holly (sticking with the Office theme) , and the raven Edgar (because I spent the rest of the day with the phrase "never more" stuck in my head). I guess I'm going to have to get more peanuts and maybe some bird food too!

Hope you had a good weekend!!


  1. Wow that is pretty funny that there are twin squirrels! I love the names though! They are perfect!

  2. Quoth the raven, 'never more.'

    We hope you had a warm and cosy weekend

  3. the word is spreading...soon you will be like snow white. Go to the door and have a ton of animals waiting

  4. haha it feels a little like that! Does anyone know what else (other than peanuts) squirrels eat??

  5. I hear they eat fruits too!
    Just a heads up theres something for you over at my blog! ^_^

  6. Nice to meet you Toby, Holly and Edgar.

    What does Joplin and Hendrix think about their new friends?

  7. Well Hendrix's middle name should be Michael because he HATES Toby! He flings himself at the window every morning, after he's failed he sits there stalking the poor squirrels hahahaha. He's pretty afraid of Edgar though.

    Tygana I say my award on your page!! Thank you SOOO much, I'm going to write all about that tomorrow! Happy Tuesday!

  8. Twin squirrels and a raven. Will you have any more surprises tomorrow? We loved the video.

  9. Hi Joplin, Hendrix, and Laura!
    We just gave you an award. Check out our blog for details!


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