Thursday, October 29, 2009


I've gotten used to the student life. The money issues, the food issues, the party issues, but for about 3 years I've been sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Today Steph and I got our fabulous wooden bed custom made and stained in Ontario from this great store in Ottawa called "New Mornings Futons and Furniture."

Steph slaved away to set it up (such a great boyfriend), but the
end result was worth it!

Its gorgeous and it feels totally different to sleep at an elevation! Hendrix was liking it too hehe.


  1. Awesome! When me and my boyfriend got our first place just the two of us, we were on a blow up mattress...omg I couldnt take it we ordered a bed and mattress from Ikea asap! Is that a platform bed? Our bed from Ikea is's my first low's ok I guess but I think I'm partial to tall really floofy beds LOL. Looks like the cat loves it! I like the mission style headboard!

  2. For some reason when I was kid, I thought it was cool to have the bed on the floor. Dunno why. Congrats on the new bed

  3. It a regular height bed, i think haha, I was looking at a platform bed but we couldn't find any in our area and that's why we went with the classic wooden one.

    I did love the mattress on the floor in my 2nd year, I had my classic rock posters on the wall and my beer fridge in the corner. I still think that was the coolest room I've ever had. But it got old after 2 years haha.


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