Monday, February 22, 2010

Back at it!

Well it's been a while, but I'm back to the blog! Between exams, Christmas, New Years and the beginning of my last semester of university I've been neglecting the blog. On top of all this I caught one heck of a cold which lasted just over 2 weeks (the worst two weeks EVER).

As for whats new here, honestly its nothing much. I work and go to school and play with the cats and cook. I have been reading blogs but I have alot of catching up to do. I've been having fun watching the Olympics and watching Canada's first goal on home soil! And then that awful showing tonight in hockey ( I'm sure all my American friends are happy though!).

I also have been skating on the Rideau canal here in Ottawa, just about the coolest thing about this city. I love skating late at night when all the tourists have packed it in and only us die-hards are out. Its so tranquil and beautiful. There's nothing I love more than hearing my skates cutting into ice in the bitter cold.

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I also just got back from a great mini-trip to Montreal with Stephane. I love that city, if you haven't been there already I encourage you to go. Amazing atmosphere, amazing food, amazing people and 100% bilingual. You just have to go!

I have another big week of school ahead of me but I will catch up as soon as possible!

Here's some pictures just for fun!


  1. Very nice to meet you! We just found you via the Blogosphere and are pretty close to you, in Kingston. :-)

    -The Fuzzy Tales crew

  2. Yay! Alive! I see Joplin and Hendrix are looking good!! I've never actually been ice skating though even in my hometown down in FL they offer it in the winters in the civic center of course nothing outside nothing like that freezes hehe. But even since my trek to living up north in CT I still have yet to do it...maybe one day I'll get myself to go fall on my face in the cold.

  3. Yay, you are back to the blog! Wish we had a good place to ice skate here, but with a warm environment!

  4. We are glad to hear from you - but we totally understand why you have been busy! Be sure to not spend too much time visiting - your last semester is important! I haven't ever been to Canada - I would like to go sometime though. My relatives a few generations back were from there. And, of course, my cat Virgil just loves Oh Canada (seriously he will come over when I sing it - no idea why). We hope that your studies go well, and it is good that you are over your cold - my boyfriend had a long one like that too. And it is great to see the kitties too! We can't wait to catch up again when you have some more free time!! Don't worry - we will be here when you have the chance!

  5. Hi you two! I wanted to say a special hello to Joplin as we have the same colours. I'm a dilute calico too, but my blue/grey is a bit darker.
    Purrs, Chilli


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